Welcome to Judith Hotchkiss Designs and Dyeworks

Well it's official! The yarn and wool business has outgrown our house. After taking over nearly every room for storage or winding or shipping or teaching, we have finally decided it is time for a separate shop space. Work began by taking down a 130 plus year old maple and removing the stump. Now the building is laid out and we'll begin pouring concrete soon for a foundation. The downside is I will have to take time away from dyeing in order to bang nails (not my favorite thing to do but it will be worth it!)

Studio update: Thank you to all my loyal customers for being so patient. Our shop is coming along nicely but has been slowed by winter weather. We are doing the construction ourselves, mostly on weekends and afternoons, so everything takes longer than one expects. My new hope is that we will be up and running by June 1st. I am still accepting web orders although some orders might take a little longer due to the construction. Thank you again for your patience! Spring is coming!! Cheers, Judith

Here you will find wonderful yarns and wool fabric hand-dyed in luscious colors for rug hooking and punching. My primary focus is dyeing two weights of wool yarn, 3-ply bulky rug weight and 2-ply worsted weight, in multiple values for fine shading with the Oxford punch. Value swatches of wool fabric as well as spot-dyed wool yardage and yarns are also favorites. Color is my passion and I love creating raw materials that inspire others.

Note: It is difficult to capture on the computer screen the subtle nuances that make these wool yarns and fabrics so wonderful to hook and punch. Our Swatch Cards allow you to see and feel the colors before ordering. Remember, these yarns are all hand dyed in small batches and colors will vary somewhat from skein to skein and dye lot to dye lot. If you know you will need a larger quantity for a project, it is a good idea to order enough at one time.

Judith Hotchkiss Designs and Dyework